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I gained the ability to tune into and speak for the planet, feeling the connection, being one with the mountains and the rivers and the trees, something we can all do!


I always aim to go deep and to feel and understand the heart of all things. I really feel the calling to communicate, but I always was too shy to be a public speaker. I find it easier getting my message out there through art, photography and writing. Why do I dress like this? As I spent increasingly more time in nature in those early teens, I felt that the forest was my home and that is where I wanted to blend in. I started only dressing in greens and browns, with more organic, whimsical and natural shapes and textures. I let my inner fantasy nerd blossom and my creativity run free, and my inspiration ranged from woodelves, nymphs and fairies, to viking and medieval times, to hermits and bohemians.

Natural building and architecture: If you have an interest for architecture and unique houses, especially built with natural materials, as well as old-style Norse and European buildings, you have come to the right place. I want to be able to create beautiful, healthy and affordable houses, and I want to share it all with you. So for the last decade I have been studying and learning about natural building and tirelessly wandered the Earth in search for the most interesting and wonderfully made dwellings!

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I have been lucky to build and to learn from various amazing builders. Finding new ways for humanity to thrive: We have to redefine what living as a human on this planet really means. There is not much time left! The animals and insects in the world is declining rapidly, massive amounts of wild nature is being destroyed every minute, the oceans are emptied and filled with plastic, the athmosphere is heavily polluted and the climate is changing. So many people are miserable and hate their way of life.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg of the problems we are facing. I think it is important to feel the grief and to acknowledge the pain. We just go fishing. We just go do the activity. Nature was why Powell relocated to Seattle nine years ago, but she already was immersed in it. In grade school, she studied maps of her native Texas, the United States and the world.

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On a quest to visit all 50 states she is up to 44 , Powell checked off Oregon, then Washington, during an Amtrak trip to Chicago. In Seattle, she spied mountains, trees and water, and vowed to return. She eventually did, taking a job with AmeriCorps, a domestic community service program. There, she used an employee grant to take a solo backpacking trip in New England, not long after her first-ever backpacking trek, which she did with a group of women of color that summer.

Powell had driven to Stowe, Vermont, where she planned to spend the first night of her two-week journey in a hotel.

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While checking directions, she noticed she was being followed by a police car. The white male officer followed her into the hotel parking lot. When Powell exited her car, he blasted his siren and ordered her back in.

She explained her trip, pointed out her pack in the trunk and pair of hiking shoes on the back seat. He radioed for backup. The trip was not derailed. She even encountered one other Black person, a man also from Texas; he too was trying to visit all 50 states. One week before Christmas, Larry and his wife themselves!

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