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The symposium will cover all topics relating to porous organic materials, such as amorphous polymers, soluble polymers of intrinsic microporosity, covalent organic frameworks, from 2D to 3D, but also molecular porous materials like organic cages and molecules of intrinsic microporosities. We will have plenary, invited and contributed lectures as well as a poster session for inspiring and fruitful scientific discussions.

I am very happy to announce that the following speakers have kindly agreed to give plenary talks:.

A review on porous polymer composite materials for multifunctional electronic applications

I look forward to hosting you in Heidelberg in , to discuss the science of porous organic materials, make new collaborations and friends and enjoy the scenery! Dear Colleagues and Friends, It is my great pleasure to host the 2nd international symposium on porous organic polymers POPs in Heidelberg, Germany and invite you all to visit this beautiful and historically rich place in the south-west of Germany between September 8th and 12th to discuss the most recent research in porous organic polymers and related fields.

I am very happy to announce that the following speakers have kindly agreed to give plenary talks: Markus Antonietti Neil B. When dry, the porous polyethylene PPCs reflect sunlight but transmit radiated heat, behaving like an "icehouse. Because they modulate both solar and thermal radiation, they can regulate heat during both day and night.

Yang's team also tested other potential applications, such as thermal camouflage and paints that respond to rain. The latter could be used to cool or heat buildings in Mediterranean climate zones and the Californian coast, which see dry summers and rainy winters.

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The researchers are now looking at ways to scale up their designs, and explore opportunities to deploy and test them at large scales. Mandal, who is now doing postdoctoral research as a Schmidt Science Fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles, adds, "We deliberately chose commonly available polymers and simple designs for our work. The goal is to make them locally manufacturable and implementable in developing countries, where they would have the greatest impact.

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Science News. Joule , DOI: ScienceDaily, 21 October Porous polymer coatings dynamically control light and heat. Retrieved November 10, from www.

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