Guide Running a Profitable and Fun Charity Auction: The Complete Toolkit

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For your auction to be successful, the items on display must excite your audience. Generally, experiential items outperform material items. These are the things that one cannot go to the store and purchase. People spend less money on buying things, and more on doing things — and telling the world about it online afterward. And giving donors exactly this through your auction items helps in forming lasting connections.

Great experiences make way for donors to share it with their friends and family, spreading the word about your organization and resulting in a larger donor base for your next charity auction. Solicitation of items is the most important part of auction planning. For which you must have a procurement team in place and you could either get a few volunteers or staff members to do this. Start off by consulting your donor data, leveraging your personal connections friends and family and then move on to local businesses and retailers.

Aerobics-athon One for the New Year! Arts and crafts fair Put your creative talents into action and sell your decorated biscuits, knits and jams at a fair or car boot sale. Auction Organise your own fundraising auction. Bake off! One of our most popular fundraising event ideas!

48 Fundraising Ideas in Under 8 Minutes

Sell what's left after the judges have done their tasting and you could even auction the winning entries! Bingo Search online for fun bingo squares and organise a bingo fundraising event!

Charge a fee per game. Candlelight Fund A candlelight fund is a special, dedicated fund to remember a loved one who has passed away. Just as we light a candle to reflect on their memory, our Candlelight Funds celebrate the life and the memories that are left behind. Curry night Use our Curry night toolkit to spice things up at this fundraising event! Organise your own fundraising event using our How to Guide and toolkits!

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Take homemade or shop-bought cupcakes from desk to desk in your office, run a Strictly come dancing or X-factor sweepstake, or use your computer to set up a JustGiving page! Dance Challenge Time to put your best foot forward! Why not organise a barn dance, get someone up to call and demonstrate the moves, ask everyone to bring a cowboy hat and get your groove on. Remember to charge for entry and maybe set up a raffle too.

Easter feast Celebrate your successful abstinence during Lent with an Easter feast! Lay on chocolates, biscuits, cheese, coffee — whatever you and your friends gave up. Eco pledge Give up plastic and donate what you save 5p per plastic bag at least! Emmenthal and wine evening Or brie, cheddar, gorgonzola Match your favourite cheese with your favourite wines apple juice for under 18s and charge your guests by the glass, plate or cracker.

Facebook Fundraising Is your birthday coming up? Do you have a Facebook account? It's simple and easy to set up , why not set up an event for your birthday while you're there too? Remember to charge for your works of face painting art. Have a theme for your dressing up day- everyone can make a donation to come to school or work as a superhero, a character beginning with a certain letter of the alphabet, or even animals!

10 Mobile Bidding Software Solutions (Recently Reviewed)

Games Day: scrabble, chess, trivial pursuits etc Channel Christmas day memories and have a marathon board game tournament! Or, how about setting up a games station at your school, parish or work? Either pay to play or get sponsored. Gingerbread house making Have a cake sale with a difference and make a gingerbread house to sell off in sections.

If you'd prefer to skip the baking, buy a kit from the supermarket and just decorate it! Give it up! Get sponsored to go without something. Give up speaking for a day, computer games for a week, chocolate for a fortnight, or give up magazines for the whole of !

Planning a Charity Auction: A Beginner’s Guide

Healthy mum and baby Buy this World Gift for a loved one and help mums and babies get the best start in life. Helpful fairies Be the washing up or laundry 'fairy' for your friends and family. All for a donation of course! Hula hoop Contest How many times can you spin the hula hoop? Organise a hula hoopathon- a fantastic fundraiser all year round!

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I don't know what to choose! Home goods can be a bit of a toss up, as they're subject to donors' particular preferences more so than other categories. Still, the right luxury item makes a great gift, so don't be shy about putting up valuable home appliances, accessories and furnishings in the auction.

Everyone loves holidays; these special days unlock warm, fuzzy memories or complement a theme to generate higher bids. Seasonal auction items also add some urgency and relevance to your event. We hope you found this list useful. For even more ideas, , Winspire News. Click below to see what we're giving away next.

Whether you are putting on a charity golf event, a 5k, or an annual gala, putting on a fundraising event requires all hands on deck.

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  • Step 1: Define your cause.
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Finding enough dedicated, hard-working people to volunteer their time to help your cause can be challenging! How do I crop and edit an image without Photoshop? Imagine you just had your annual gala supporting an incredible cause for your Nonprofit organization. You ensured every detail was perfect, from the live band to the gourmet meal you served.

You created flyers, posted to social media, and even sold the most tickets you have ever sold for an annual gala. But, for some reason, you were unable to reach your fundraising goals. You leave confused, wondering why your efforts did not result in the outcome you were hoping for.

Decide On What Type Of Auction To Host

Winning Bidders Blog Contact Us. One year's prime parking spot for parents or older students Ride to or from school in a fire truck or police squad car Visit from fire truck or police squad car at child's birthday party Be the Principal for a Day Reserved seats for graduation ceremony Buy a teacher a day off bidder chooses who gets time off Class party including pizza, games and prizes Honorary police academy training for adult or child Community Spotlight Experiential auction items need not be in far-flung locations to have wide appeal.

Dinner cooked and served by the mayor Dinner and historic city tour with the mayor Theater tickets including one-time non-speaking role in a play 20 hours of manual labor landscaping, demolition, etc. Vintage and rare bottles of wine Wine wheelbarrow or wine tree Fine wine verticals: collections of consecutive vintages e.