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The seven principles of man

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Classic Introductory Theosophy Text. The Result of Theosophical Study. The Ocean of Theosophy. William Quan Judge. Septenary Constitution Of Man. Arguments Supporting Reincarnation. Differentiation Of Species Missing Links. Click HERE. The office of the Guru one who dispels darkness of ignorance with light of Wisdom is held in highest esteem.

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In Manavadharma Shastras the sacred relationship between the Guru and the Chela is stated in several verses. Guru is placed even higher than the parents of the chela as the former gives the chela spiritual birth the latter furnish the… [Read more]. He is the silent teacher and the guru of gurus. The authorship of the Dakshinamurti Stotra is given to Adi Sankaracarya. In the first verse of that work he writes:. But,… [Read more]. When applied to a guru in the form of a person, the implication is that that guru is one with God or one with the Self or the Divine.

The term also appears to have a ge… [Read more]. Grandeur of character lies wholly in force of soul, that is, in the force of thought, moral principle, and love, and this may be found in the humblest conditions of life.

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November 20, Theme for Contemplation: Prajna and Karuna The fair tree of thought without hint of duality Branches forth through the three worlds. Real harmony comes with the understanding of human nature and the human promise.