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Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Introduction The story Violent influence. The Turner Diaries novel by Pierce. Written By: Nancy Egan.

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See Article History. The story The novel is written in the form of the diaries of a one-time electrical engineer, Earl Turner, supposedly unearthed near Revolutionary Headquarters in the one-hundredth year of the New Era.

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Subscribe today for unlimited access to Britannica. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Aryan Nations. The Order collapsed in when 25 of its members were sent to prison. The book, which details the truck-bombing of the Washington, D. History at your fingertips. The book details a violent, apocalyptic overthrow of the United States federal government referred to as "the System" throughout the book by Turner and his militant comrades in a brutal race war that is first waged in North America , then spreads to the rest of the world.

The story starts soon after the federal government has confiscated all civilian firearms in the country under the fictional Cohen Act. Turner and his cohorts take their organization underground in order to wage a guerrilla war against the System, which is depicted as being under Jewish control.

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The "Organization" starts its campaigns by committing acts such as the bombing of the FBI headquarters, then executing an ongoing, low-level campaign of terrorism , assassination , and economic sabotage throughout the United States. Turner plays a major role in all activities within the Washington, D. When the President of the United States delivers a speech denouncing racists and demanding that all members of the Organization be brought to justice, Turner and other Organization members launch mortars into the streets of Washington from far away, forcing the president and other government officials to be evacuated.

In another scene, Turner witnesses an anti-racism parade in which whites who are not part of the parade are pulled aside and beaten sometimes to death by non-white marchers; the march eventually turns into a full-scale riot. Turner's exploits lead to his initiation into the "Order", a secret quasi-religious inner cadre that consists of an "elite" group of masterminds of the revolution, who are secretly leading the Organization and whose existence remains unknown both to ordinary Organization members and the System.

During an ensuing gun battle with authorities, everyone in the unit manages to escape but Turner is captured after nearly being killed. He is arrested and sent to a military base for interrogation by the FBI and an Israeli intelligence officer. He is tortured to force the release of information, but resists. The interrogators fail to extract the most valuable pieces of information from him, lacking awareness of the existence of the Order. The diaries pick up two years later, when the military prison is raided by other members of the Organization and Turner is set free.

"It is Flournoy's finely tuned empathy that infuses her characters with a radiant humanity."

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of African Americans are forced into the desert and executed and all Jews are beaten, lynched or shot. Deliberately fomenting racial conflict is referred to as "demographic warfare" which begins bringing in new recruits to both the Organization and the Order.

The Organization raids the houses of all individuals who have been reported to be " race traitors " in some way such as judges, professors, lawyers, politicians, journalists, entertainers, etc. It drags these individuals from their homes and publicly hangs them in the streets in Los Angeles in an event which comes to be known as the "Day of the Rope" August 1, Most of these public executions are filmed for propaganda purposes. Those on the left are seen as dupes or willing agents of the Jews, while conservatives and libertarians are regarded as mere businessmen out for themselves or misguided fools, because, the Organization states, the Jews "took over according to the Constitution, fair and square.

The Organization then uses both its southern Californian base of operations and its nuclear weapons to open a wider war in which it launches nuclear strikes against New York City and Israel , initiates a nuclear exchange between the US and the Soviet Union , and plants nuclear weapons and new terrorist cells throughout North America.

Many major U. While the United States is being engulfed in a nuclear civil war , governments all over the world begin to fall one by one, and violent anti-Jewish riots break out in the streets. After the nuclear weapons are launched against Israel, the Arabs take advantage of the opportunity and proceed to swarm into Israel, mostly armed with clubs and knives, and kill all of the Israelis. The governments of France and the Netherlands collapse, and the Soviet Union falls apart while it is seeing a surge in anti-Semitic violence.

Meanwhile, the United States is put in a state of absolute martial law and transformed into a military dictatorship. When the United States government decides to launch an invasion of the Organization's stronghold in Southern California, Earl Turner is ordered to embark on a suicide mission ; he flies a crop duster that is equipped with a nuclear warhead and destroys the Pentagon before the invasion can be ordered.

The novel ends with an epilogue that is written in the year , which summarizes how the Organization went on to conquer the rest of the world and how all non-white races were eliminated. Africa was invaded and all of its black inhabitants were killed. The Puerto Ricans described as a "repulsive mongrel race" were exterminated and Puerto Rico was re-colonized by whites. When China attempts to invade European Russia , the Organization launches a full-scale assault against it with nuclear, chemical , radiological and biological weapons which render the entire continent of Asia uninhabitable and rife with " mutants ".

In the United States, the last remaining non-white elements are hunted down, along with all of the individuals who are involved in organized crime such as the Mafia.

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  • One of the last steps in the Organization's victory is its truce with the remainder of the American military's generals, who agree to surrender if the Organization swears not to harm them or their immediate families, an agreement which the Organization gladly accepts. Thus the epilogue concludes by stating that "just years after the birth of the ' Great One ', the dream of a white world finally became a certainty The Turner Diaries was first serialized in the mid s in the National Alliance 's tabloid paper, Attack!

    On each is a roughly rendered seascape of rippled waves and light. Bringing these figures to Margate, he strands them at the edge of the world. Tai Shani takes us even further, to a voluptuous imaginary city whose fantastical architecture, all pink and laid out with ziggurats and cylindrical columns, resinous puddles and spheres, lies at our feet. Overhead dangle bejewelled udders and fleshy asteroids. A huge arm and outstretched green hand comes to rest in the middle of the spotlit metaphysical architecture.

    The book describes a city as sanctuary, an allegorical space for real, imaginary and mythical women from the past, present and future. Her cast of self-replicating characters impregnate themselves, slide lubriciously between genders, between life and death. Without live performers, it is a bit arcane and lifeless. Focusing on the role of women in the Derry peace movement and in civil demonstrations and violence, The Long Note is full of silences and protests, news footage of petrol bombings and water cannons, humour, song and sadness.

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    The interviews are its core. There is such weight in this segue, but such telling moments get buried in this overlong work. Prisoners were blindfolded and kept in brutal solitary conditions. Speaking was punishable by death.